Staff Directory

Administration & Teachers

Role   First Name Last Name Email
Principal   Brian Wilson [email protected]
Assistant Principal   Twanna Hancock [email protected]
Assistant Principal   Ben Martin [email protected]
Assistant Principal   Kim Morris [email protected]
Athletic Director  Jeremy Sink [email protected]
World Language/SCT Coordinator Stacey Amaya-Diaz [email protected]
French  Virginie  Arbusto  [email protected]  
Health & PE  Jason  Ayers  [email protected] 
Science Mika Bowman [email protected]
Social Studies Keith Brammer [email protected]
Science Diana Branch* [email protected]
SPED Hailey Brown [email protected]
Social Studies Ryan Brown [email protected]
CTE Bryan Burford [email protected]
Science William Burnette [email protected]
English Hilliary  Candler [email protected] 
English Cady Cales [email protected]
Science Denise Coleman [email protected]
Health & PE  Keelie  Comrie [email protected] 
Math Mary Conner [email protected]
Health & PE  Jonathon Crews [email protected]
SPED  Heather  Cuellar  [email protected] 
Health & PE/
Drivers Ed
Morgan Dooley* [email protected]
English Lashelle Elliott [email protected]
Science Joanna Eubank [email protected]
Social Studies Jennifer Ferris [email protected]
CTE Thomas Fox [email protected] 
Art  Cora Brumfield  [email protected] 
Social Studies Stuart Gibbs* [email protected] 
Math  Trey Gibson [email protected] 
Social Studies Ryan Gilleland [email protected]
World Language David Gleitz [email protected]
Social Studies
Fine Arts
[email protected] 
[email protected]
Health & PE
Allen Hackmann [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Health & PE David  Harlow [email protected] 
Math Heather Hevener [email protected]
CTE Mike Hoisington [email protected]
CTE Richard Kennedy [email protected]
Social Studies Laura Kitts [email protected]
Math Amanda Lightfoot [email protected]
Math  Sandy  Lotz [email protected]
SPED Maureen Lynch [email protected]
Science Steve MacCord [email protected]
Social Studies  Samantha Maggard [email protected] 
SPED  Michelle Mandell  [email protected] 
English Ryan Marano* [email protected]
Math  Katie  Martin [email protected]  
English Chelsea McCray [email protected]
SPED  Nick  McGuire  [email protected] 
English Katie Minso [email protected]
Health & PE Jeff Monroe [email protected]
English Bryan Munson [email protected]
CTE Matthew Newton [email protected] 
World Language Virginia Ogden [email protected]
Science Katelyn Overstreet [email protected] 
Science Purvi Parikh [email protected]
SPED  Taylor  Perkins*  [email protected] 
Science Theresa Price [email protected]
SPED  Melissa  Rogers  [email protected]
SPED Chela Rue [email protected]
English  Megan Sawyer  [email protected]  
English Christy Shalev [email protected]
Social Studies Jameson Strassburg [email protected]
Math Daniel  Tavenner  [email protected] 
Social Studies Brady Taylor [email protected]
World Language Cynthia Taylor* [email protected]
Fine Arts Jennifer Tonkins [email protected]
SPED  Genevieve  Weaver  [email protected]
Band David Webb [email protected]
SPED Michaela West*  [email protected]
Fine Arts Nicole White* [email protected]
Fine Arts Spencer White [email protected]
World Language Estefania Whitesell [email protected]
Math Alison Witt [email protected]
SPED Bailey  Yeager [email protected]
CTE  Scott Zaring [email protected]
*denotes Department Chair

Support Staff

Role First Name Last Name Email
Administrative Assistant-Athletics Tarah  Page [email protected]
Administrative Assistant-Attendance  Patti  Kese [email protected] 
Administrative Assistant-Counseling MarySue O'Bryant  [email protected] 
Administrative Assistant-Main Office  Melinda   Crouch [email protected]
Administrative Assistant -Office Manager Gail   Austin [email protected] 
Athletic Trainer Joey Lyons [email protected]
Bookkeeper Cynthia Keen [email protected]
Cafeteria Manager Wendy Reynolds
Counseling - Career Counselor (CVCC Rep.) Stan Hull [email protected]
Counseling - Registrar Marcy  Farris  [email protected]
Counseling - Testing Coordinator Kylie Gilleland [email protected]
Counselor/Director Justin  Silvey* [email protected] 
Counselor Taylor  Vermillion [email protected]
Counselor Elizabeth Newby [email protected] 
Counselor Jessica Baker [email protected] 
Head Custodian TBD  
Intervention Design Specialist Ebony  Foster [email protected]
Intervention Design Specialist Coordinator Jonathan  Taylor [email protected]
Instructional Technology Coach Nathan Munson* [email protected]
Instructional Technology Coach Sarah  Sennett [email protected] 
ISS Coordinator  Samuel Greer Jr [email protected]
IT Forest Zone Wade Burnette [email protected]
IT Technician Richard Bosiacki [email protected]
Library Media Specialist Carrie Dodge* [email protected]
Library Instructional Aide Chrissy Hinton [email protected]
Receptionist Lisa  Klingenfus  [email protected] 
Receptionist Tara  Salmon  [email protected]
Resource Officer Adam Hopkins [email protected] 
School Nurse Ginny Davis [email protected]
School Nurse Nakisha Pannell [email protected]
School Psychologist Susan Deneen [email protected]
School Social Worker Amber Andrews [email protected]
SPED Paraprofessional Debra Brugh [email protected]
SPED Paraprofessional Cheryl Croft [email protected]
SPED Paraprofessional Joanna  Strassburg  [email protected] 
SPED Paraprofessional  Amy  Howard [email protected] 
SPED Paraprofessional  Kathryn Townsend  [email protected] 
SPED Paraprofessional  Suzanne Webster  [email protected]
SPED Paraprofessional TJ   Young [email protected] 
SPED Paraprofessional Kathy  Camire [email protected] 
SPED Paraprofessional 
SPED Paraprofessional       
[email protected]
[email protected]

Special Education Transition Planning Support Staff

Michaela West, Special Education Department Chair                  
Erika Rogers, Supervisor for Special Education

This is a table that lists each of our administrators and teachers at JFHS, along with their contact information. If you have difficulty using or accessing any element of this table, information may be available in alternative formats upon request. To ensure we respond in a manner that will be of most help, please indicate the nature of the accessibility needs and your preferred format. Contact the school for this request.