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Jefferson Forest High School will be the premier, comprehensive high school of Virginia providing students with an innovative, customized learning experience.   

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 Jefferson Forest High School will provide an innovative, challenging learning environment based on ethical behavior that will prepare our students to be productive, responsible citizens in our community and the world.

Continuous School Improvement Plan
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Bella Voce, the JFHS Women's Choir 


Bella Voce, the JFHS Women's Choir, has been selected from 22 of the best choirs in the Commonwealth to perform at the Virginia Music Education Conference at The Homestead this November.  Bella Voce began as an opportunity for the women who made district choir to sing in a small, advanced ensemble with others who cared passionately for music.  This ensemble is not and has never been a class, but rather meets after-school for rehearsals.  Bella Voce has ranged from 8 to 16 members, but currently is at 12 members.  Once a part of Bella Voce, members remain in the ensemble until they graduate.  Frequently, members of Bella Voce also are a part of All-District Choir, All-Virginia Choir, and the Virginia Senior Honors Choir.

 JFHS is a 2016 Anti-Bullying Champion!

The National Bullying Prevention Center has named JF a 2016 Champion-Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community
Remember! The end of bullying begins with YOU.

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