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          Graduation day is fast approaching and we want to make sure that each senior is involved in all of the end-of-year events. Please take note of the dates, times and places of the events listed below as well as the enclosed Student Expectations/Dress Requirements letter.  We also need donations from senior class parents for the Senior Awards Ceremony Reception and Senior Breakfast. 

Sunday, May 21 Baccalaureate (2:00 p.m.)

Baccalaureate will be held at Tree of Life Ministries, 2812 Greenview Drive, Lynchburg.  The baccalaureate service is a special graduation event celebrated by the school faith community.  It is an inclusive worship service that celebrates the commonality of faith of the senior participants. This is a non-school event sponsored by senior parents.  Everyone is invited to attend including seniors, his/her family and friends.  Attire should be dresses, jackets and ties.  Seniors should arrive at the church no later than 1:30 p.m. for the processional.  Mandatory practice is on May 14 at 2:00 p.m. at Tree of Life Ministries for those seniors who signed up to lead/participate in the service.


Sunday, May 21Senior Class Night (6:00 – 9:00 p.m.)

Senior class night will be held at Phase 2. After dinner, Senior Superlatives will be awarded, Last Wills and Testaments will be shared and the senior gifts will be distributed.  There will also be “appropriate” dancing and a DJ.  There is no additional cost for the evening for those seniors who have paid their class dues.  Only graduating seniors may attend, and dress is casual (please follow school dress code).


Thursday, May 25 – Senior Awards Ceremony and Reception (7:00 p.m.)

Seniors are recognized for their academic achievements and individual scholarships.  The ceremony is held in the JF auditorium with a reception afterwards.  All seniors and their families and friends are invited. Seniors will complete a Senior Survey in their Government classes that asks them to list all scholarships received. The compilation of these lists is used for recognition in the Awards Ceremony Program. Only students receiving a scholarship presented by a representative of the institution or business will be called to the stage.  


Friday, May 26Senior Obligations, Senior Breakfast, Senior Class Photo, and Graduation Practice

Graduating seniors must settle all outstanding obligations (outstanding bills or bills due to lost, broken, destroyed, or unreturned school property) before 8:00 a.m.

Senior parents will host a buffet breakfast in the cafeteria for the Class of 2016 (8:30 - 9:00 a.m.).  Seniors will eat breakfast first and then go into the gym for the class photo and practice for graduation. Seniors must wear their caps, gowns and appropriate graduation attire for the photo and practice.  The class picture will start promptly at 9:00.  If you are late, you will not be included. Graduation practice is mandatory for all seniors.


Saturday, May 27 - Graduation – Vines Center, Liberty University at 9:30 a.m.  Caps, gowns and appropriate attire will be required.  Everyone is invited. **Seniors are to be on the mezzanine level at the Vines Center no later than 8:47 a.m. **

A few seniors still need to pay their class dues of $25 to Mrs. Smith in room 3044C.  Dues must be paid in order to attend Senior Class Night Dinner.


     Please take note of the Student Expectations sheet for graduation which is included in this mailing.


Seniors will receive information at home after graduation on how to order the senior group photo along with ordering the handshake photo from the graduation ceremony.


Parents will be contacted soon on how to make monetary or food donations for the Awards Ceremony Reception and the Senior Breakfast.


If you have any questions, please contact any of the following:


Awards Ceremony & Reception, Baccalaureate, Senior Breakfast    

Mary Beth Hunter (mbjimhunter@aol.com)

Crissy Mays (cmays137@gmail.com)

Kris Paul (kpaul@bedford.k12.va.us or kmpaul1@verizon.net)

Angela Moore (Angmoore94@hotmail)


Senior Class DinnerDeb Serio, dserio@bedford.k12.va.us, 525-2674


Senior Photos/Yearbook – Alicia Morgan, Alicia.morgan@bedford.k12.va.us, 525-2674


Senior Class AdvisorDeb Serio, dserio@bedford.k12.va.us, 525-2674






I. Listed below are the DRESS REQUIREMENTS for the 2017 Graduation Ceremony:



  1. Dress pants (black, navy blue or dark gray)
  2. White (or light-colored) dress shirt and dark tie.
  3. Black or brown dress shoes (does not include sandals, flip-flops, work boots, athletic shoes) and dark socks.



  1. Dress (dark with no pattern)
  2. Dark dress shoes (preferably “closed-heel” and does not include flip-flops, athletic shoes, etc.)


**Additional dress requirements**

  1. NO camouflage clothing of any type.
  2. NO t-shirts, NO shorts
  3. NOTHING is to be written on, glued on, drawn on, or attached to your graduation cap in any form or fashion.


     Any student needing assistance arranging appropriate clothing for graduation should contact Dr. Calvert. ANY STUDENT FAILING TO MEET THE DRESS CODE FOR GRADUATION WILL NOT MARCH IN THE COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES.


II. This is a formal ceremony honoring your graduation.  Please wait to celebrate until after all students have marched back to the top of the Vines Center at the end of the ceremony.  Graduates and guests are not to disrupt the Commencement Exercises with noisemakers, noisemaking apps on cell phones, inflatable devices, “silly string,” etc.  Please be considerate of other seniors who are being introduced to receive their diplomasAny student caught disrupting the ceremony will not get his/her diploma at the conclusion of the event and will have his/her diploma held pending a meeting with the JFHS Administration and the Superintendent after May 31, 2017.  Transcripts may be held until the end of summer school for the 2016-2017 school year.


***** Please print, sign and return the form below on or before Monday, May 15, 2017 to your English teacher! If you do not have English at JF, bring the form to Mrs. Serio in room 3061D*****


_________________________Detach and return bottom portion_______________________


Dress Code/Conduct Verification for JFHS 2017 Graduation


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                       Parent Signature                                                                                           Date