LMC Policies


The Jefferson Forest High School Media Center shall be the core of the school program.  Its purpose is to support and enrich the curriculum, to encourage pleasure reading, listening, and viewing, to teach the research skills necessary for students to become life-long learners, and to provide for the educational and professional needs of the school staff.

The media center shall provide a variety of materials and services to meet the diverse needs of our students to accomplish the above goals.  The collection shall also enhance the prescribed standards of learning.

The ultimate goal of the Jefferson Forest Media Center is to motivate each student to become an independent learner, who is able to think critically, make intelligent judgments in their daily lives, and appreciate the vast array of educational resources available both at school and in the community.



Welcome to the Jefferson Forest High School Library Media Center!  We invite you to use our space and resources for research, study, pleasure reading, collaboration with fellow students, and as a place to relax.  Please let Mrs. Hays or Ms. Soles know if we can help you in any way.

General Rules:

  1. Be respectful and courteous to others
  2. Students must sign in at the circulation desk when entering the library and sign out when leaving.
  3. Students are expected to return library furniture to it proper place if they move it.
  4. Trash should be thrown in trashcans, not left on tables or the floor.
  5. As long as students clean up after themselves, food & drink are allowed in the LMC except in the LMC computer lab or while using our electronic devices. 

To keep our library and its materials in good order, library privileges will be forfeited if a student repeatedly misuses the library.  (Library misuse includes unnecessary or excessive noise, loitering, destruction or misuse of the library or library materials, furniture, computers and other inconsiderate actions).

Computer Rules:

  1. When using computers at JFHS students must follow the Bedford County Public Schools AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) at all times. The computers are for teacher assigned work.
  2. Bedford County policy states that personal email, IM (instant messaging), message boards, blogs, and games are not allowed.
  3. Please do not change the desktop, screen savers, or icons.
  4. Please do not add or remove any programs or files from the library computers.

Unacceptable use of LMC computers will result in loss of computer privileges and possible legal action.

During the Day:

  1. Students visiting the library must sign in at the circulation desk upon entering the LMC.
  2. When leaving the library the student must sign out.
  3. During fire drills, students should follow the librarian to the designated area outside.


  1. Students may come to the library to work during their lunch period.  Just be sure to sign in at the circulation desk.
  2. Students are allowed to eat lunch in the Cavalier Café while working on class assignments.  We ask that you be mindful of the other students working and talk quietly and that you clean up your area before leaving the library.

During Testing:

  1. If testing signs are on the doors, please do not enter for any reason.  This disturbs the students that are testing.


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