Freshman Class

Jefferson Forest High School

Class of 2019

Dear Students and Parents,

On behalf of your 9th grade parent representatives and your SCA officers, we welcome you to Jefferson Forest High School.  We are already hard at work planning fundraisers and activities for the upcoming school year.  The success of these projects depends on YOU, our classmates.   Please plan to help, attend, buy and sell.  The money raised will remain with the class of 2019 throughout our four years of high school and the fun we have will be unforgettable!

Class of 2019 T-shirt Sale

  • $10 each
  • Sale begins August 12th – Move Up Day

**Future activities will include selling glow necklaces at the recreation league football game and candy grams for Valentine’s Day.

SCA Officers

Josh French, President

Tiff Carey, Vice President

Lizzie Nigro, Secretary

Carmen Murray, Treasurer

Madison Laughlin, Reporter 

Freshman Parent Representatives

Caroline Carter –carolinecarter5@verizon.net   ( daughter Blakely )

Amy Enneking – enneking.a@lynchburg.edu ( daughter, Tara )

Kendra Toney  - we5toneys@gmail.com  ( daughter, Katherine )

Kim Yeatts-   campbellkc1@msn.com  ( daughter, Kassidy )

Dawn Scott- dlsandboys@aol.com   ( son, Jeff )

Valerie Pascadlo – Val2@rocketmail.com  ( daughter Lauren )

Leslie Doss - ldoss@bedford.k12.va.us   ( daughter, Alle )

Gwenn Cheatwood - gwenncheatwood@yahoo.com   (daughter Taylor )

Bethany/Charlie Butcher - bbutcher@bedford.k12.va.us (daughter Megan) 

Chris Johnson - Chris.Johnson@longandfoster.com (son, Mitchell )

Freshman Class Sponsor

Mary Conner mconner@bedford.k12.va.us