AP English Language Tentative Syllabus 2015--2016

AdvancedPlacement English Language and Composition 11 Tentative Course Syllabus  2015—2016       

                                                   Ms. Woodson 3064D 

Course DescriptionThe Citizen Rhetor

AP courses are college level classes on a high school campus. The course is designed to prepare students to take the required AP exam in May. We will focus on reading a variety of complex texts using critical reading strategies and writing rhetorical analyses, arguments, and research papers requiring the synthesis of sources. This curriculum emphasizes the craft of language rather than the literature and the necessary critical thinking skills required to successfully comprehend and complete the AP exam. Students may receive college credit depending upon the score earned. After this course, students are ready for college writing assignments in the humanities, social sciences, sciences,etc. Although fiction is included in the course, the focus is on non-fiction as the AP exam is usually comprised of 100 percent non-fiction passages. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the lifelong capability of reading/viewing any item and possessing the capabilities to discern the actual meaning for one's self. 

Supplies—earphones, flashdrive (optional, but a good idea to have on hand)

Supplies to share with class

4th period:  a package of black pens
5th period: a package of #2 pencils
6th period: a pack of wide-ruled paper

 Write name on above and turn in the first week of school. We will share these items during classroom activities, so that you don't have to bring to class each day.  

Please consider donating to the class room tissues,extra  wide-rule notebook paper, extra pencils and/or black pens. Students can use these items when needed.

AP Exam Preparation Students will practice multiple choice and take mock AP exam(s) to become accustomed to both the test format and timing needed to complete the exam successfully. Numerous essays/multiple choice practices will also be assigned, so the necessary skills will be practiced for success onthe free-response section of the AP exam.  

Remediation Opportunities:

This year I will post remedial lessons and tips on our website for you to view when you feel you need to receive extra support. 

EXAM INFO: The AP exam is scheduled on Wednesday May 11, 2016 at 8 A.M. I recommend that you periodically check the College Board website at http://www.collegeboard.com/student/index.html?student for updates and assistance. You will receive more details from the AP Test Coordinator,Mrs. Newby. College Board reserves the right to change the testing date.  The cost is $91.00 and is payable to Mrs. Newby's office with a mid March deadline.

College Credit: Go to the followingwebsite in order to see the college credit given for your selected colleges: http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/apcreditpolicy/index.jsp 

AP student websites:
apstudent.collegeboard.org includes the following information: Explore AP --student videos and infographics about the AP experience and benefits of the program.  Many other features too numerous to list.

apscore.org: where students can go for information about their onlihne score reports.  Create an account and find sample multiple choice and free response questions there as well as test tips.

PSAT note:  11th graders should take the PSAT in October even if they have already taken this test.  Most scholarship opportunities only take the 11th grade score.


Primary Text: The Language of Composition 
Supplemental Texts:  Everything’s an Argument with readings 4th edition 
                                         The Art of Styling Sentences 

It is strongly encouraged that you read newspapers and magazines consistently all year as current events are an integral part of our writing and discussions and for preparing for the AP Language Exam. I suggest a subscription to at least one of the following magazines: The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Atlantic, Newsweek, Time, or The Week and keep up with factsand opinions of current issues.Using credible sources online and through television and internet is also an excellent means of keeping current with the important topics of the day. 

Teacher Contact: Since this material will be a different, sometimes intense way of approaching English, students sometimes experience stress. I am available to help you when you feel overwhelmed. Avoid bottling up your anxiety. I enjoy working with you and helping you cope. If you have questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact me at school or at home, 942-5089, or at bchlizzard@gmail.com. Visit our school website at http://bedfordjfhs.sharpschool.net/  to keep up with assignments and handouts regularly. Assignments are updated continuously so that you can keep up, recheck, find out or just look at what's going on in our classroom.  YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL with this challenging work, & I will make sure you are!  Always discuss with me the issues  you have with this work, so we can troubleshoot ways for your success.  Athletics, drama, band, dance, extra heavy work load, family emergency-- whatever the concern--we will work together so don't allow outside issues keep you from enjoying and benefiting from this important learning experience.



Grading:  Approximately

40% formative assessments
60% summative assessments

Daily Oral ParticipationGrade You are graded daily on the quality of your class participation both written and oral work. You will need to make an appointment with me to make up your Daily Oral Grade within 3 days of absence. An alternate class participation assignment will be given to make up for the missing grade. 

Make-up/Late Work Check our class website during your absence. Make-up work is to be turned in within 3 days. Late work (not due to an excused absence) will receive one letter grade lower each day it is late. Long term projects are due on the due date. Since most work is turned in online, if you are absent on the due date, your work can still be turned in.  Schedule make- up quizzes,tests, writings before or after school within 3 days of your absence. It is your responsibility to locate and make up your missed work. Blogs/journal entries will not be accepted late.  I will grade it regardless of completion due to absences and provide individualized instructions on how to make that grade up. 

Work Load Students should expect homework on a daily basis.. Homework will be given on weekends and holidays. Homework appears excessive when students don’t spend the appropriate amount of time nightly, wait until an assignment is due and then spend hours trying to complete it. Time management is key to success in this course.

Extra Credit Opportunities You can receive extra credit when you turn in the books assigned  thoroughly annotated, make study flashcards, find humor in the media related to what we are studying, or rewrite essays beyond the final copy with significant revisions. The materials must be turned in at the end of the course of study involving these materials. I WILL NOT TAKE THESE MATERIALS PAST ONE WEEK AFTER WE’VE STUDIED THEM. I WILL NOT TAKE ANY EXTRA CREDIT WORK ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE END OF EACH NINE WEEKS.

Field Trip Opportunities  Several field tripsare being planned for you this year from experiences at the Newseum in Washington DC to the local sites such as the museum system in Lynchburg. Each trip is an opportunity to learn language awareness outside the four walls of the classroom while enhancing the AP Language skills learned within them. Sometimes a trip may be as small as on our JF campus or at a nearby local college-- wherever opportunity to learn the effects of language on meaning presents itself.  It is expected that students attend these trips.Please see me to work through any trip issues you may have.

Course Syllabus 

‚ÄčThe following works of literature may be studied during the school year.Parents please peruse the list to determine if there are any concerns. If youhave concerns, please contact me at the email address provided.  Thank you foryour consideration.

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS will guide our study throughout the year: Essential question for course overall – What role does language play in the way humans relate to one another? 

Questions for this year’s units: 1 – Finding Voice – How do speakers and writers use different means to create their voices? 2 – Power and the Art of Discourse – How do speakers and writers use language to shape and manipulate opinions of others?  3 -- Establishing your own Voice --How does literature and other writing reflect people’s relationships in personal and political spheres? In this unit, you will demonstrate that you: ·have established your own voice · can use it to shape the opinions of your readers · are able to evaluate the voices and ideas of others · are able to develop your own opinions about issues that matter to you and  4-- Eloquence with your Voice --How do you hone and beautify your own language now that you have developed opinions that matter to you so that they matter to others. 

First Nine Weeks—SOL 11.3, 4, 5, 7, & 8

Critical Reading Strategies 
Essay Process Writing 
Rhetorical Analysis—Nonfiction                    
Rhetorical devices 
Selected essays &poems
SOL predictor timed writing
AP Exam template

Second Nine Weeks—SOL11.1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 

Argument Techniques
A Room of One's Own
Modified debate
Selected poetry 
Non-fiction book assigned 
Documentary topic selection                                                                                Non-fiction essays 

Third Nine Weeks—SOL 11.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, & 10 

portfolio self assessment
Mock Exam I Review
Advanced Argument Techniques
SOL writing practice
Assorted non-fiction essays 
Hot Seat
Argument/Research Synthesis Essay    

Fourth Nine Weeks—SOL11. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 & 9 

Non-fiction book due 
Lincoln-Douglas Debates
AP exam prep & review
AP Exam & Reading SOL tests                         AP Exam May 12 -- 8AM
TBA Technical Writing
Portfolioself-assessment # 2 

Ongoing each 9weeks: Internet Safety lessons -- AP Multiple Choice Questions SOL 11.3 & 4 --Timed Responses to direct AP & SOL prompts 11.7 --ExtendVocabulary SOL 11.1 & 4 --Dialectical Journaling SOL 11.7 --Write, revise,and edit essays in multiple modes SOL 11.7 --Daily oral participation SOL11.1, Sentence Style Revision Activities 11.7

                                          (please separate and turn in the form below)

( Please  place one copy of the above syllabus in your e-binder where you can access it. I encourage you to place dates in your agenda, Google or other online calendar, and/or wall calendar to keep yourself aware of due dates. Get the signatures and appropriate information for the following permission slip and give to me on the first day of school.  Be sure that you give me just the permission form. The following is due the first week of school:

We have read, and we understand the course syllabus for AP English Language and Composition. We commit to the workload and requirements of this class. We agree that the student will take a mock exam during the first semester exam period and the AP English exam  on Wednesday May 13, 2016. College Board reserves the right to change the testing date. We will check the electronic gradebook online for interim grade checks.

Print Student Name_____________________________________Period________ 

_______________________________________student signature 

_______________________________________parent signature

_________________________ home phone # 

_________________________parent work # Include area code if longdistance

_________________________parent cell #

parent e-mail address (please type and print or paste here—do not handwrite)


student e-mail address (type and print) 

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