Alison Witt

Hello My Name Is...

Alison Witt

Math Department Chairperson
Pre-AP Algebra II Teacher

Contact Information:
Phone: 434-525-2674

If you need assistance during the summer:
Administrators Contact Information:

9th Grade: Mr. Martin (
10th Grade: Dr. Norman (
11th and 12th Grade: Ms. Kline (

Counselors Contact Information:

 Last Name Counselor  Email 
 A-C Newby
 D-J  Watson
 K-Q  Williamson
 R-Z  Lowry

Tuesdays & Friday 7:30-8:50am with Ms. Witt (Room 3011M)
I am available most other mornings at 8:20am in my room as well.

Supply list:
3-ring binder (1.5-2 inches) 
Notebook paper
Graph paper
Calculator(TI-83+ or TI-84+ recommended but you must have at least a scientfic calculator)

5 keys to success in Pre-AP Alg II:

  1. Know your multiplication tables 1-12 by heart.  Make flash cards if you need to!

  2. Be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide positive and negative numbers quickly and accurately without using a calculator.  My classes are not allowed to use a calculator at all in the first chapter. On many tests or quizzes, students are only allowed to use a 4-function calculator.

  3. Be able to solve an equation with the variable on both sides.

  4. Know the perfect squares 1-12(12=1, 22=4, ...., 122=144) and be able to simplify a radical.

  5. Factoring, Factoring, Factoring!   Be able to factor out a greatest common factor, factor the difference of squares and factor trinomials(it would be nice if you knew how to factor problems like 2x2+7x+6 but you absolutely have to be able to do one like x2+x-20)

See the Alg II Prep Practice Problems page to the left if you want to work on these skills

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