Web Evaluation

Web Evaluation Checklist in Google Docs

Before using the information from any website, you should check the

5 W’s of Web Evaluation: 

wrote the pages?

  •  Is an organization or individual responsible for the information found there?
  •  Are they an authority (expert) in the field?  

is the purpose of the site?

  • A statement of purpose should be easy to find
  • Does the author want to give you information, convince you of something, advertise a product, or entertain you?
  • Is the information reliable?  

was the site created?

  • and when was the site last updated?  

Where d
oes the info come from?

  • Are there citations to resources?  

is the information important to you?

  • To find out if the site meets your needs have a checklist of several pieces of information you want to get from the site.
  • Is it easy to find the information you need within the site? 

Also check the following: 

  • Are there spelling and grammar errors?  
  • Is there a way to contact the author?  
  • Is there a lot of advertising throughout the site?  

5 W's of Web Evaluation was adapted from:

Caruso, Carol.  "Before You Cite a Site."  Educational Leadership, Nov. 1997: p24(2).



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